DNA Deep-dive: AW22 with Lacoste

DNA Deep-dive: AW22 with Lacoste

Revisiting a moment in TOWER’s sporting history, Lacoste hit centre court at the peak of a certain 19 year old’s tennis career - a sporting prodigy going by the name of René, a.k.a., The Crocodile.

What began as a nickname coined by one American journalist, soon became the mainstay for Lacoste’s legacy; very nearly 100 years ago. René’s aggressive playing-style won him fans and loyal customers alike, carving out a legacy that spans from silverware to fashion accessories, ‘80s plimsole styling and even fragrances.

It’s not enough to lace a Crocodile on-foot, at TOWER we have to see footwear through the eyes of René himself - Lacoste’s namesake and founding father, the man who started it all.

For AW22, we’ve pulled together a selection of HQ’s favourites styles, but which pair will be for you?

However, today’s focus lies in the brand’s recent history, AW22 to be specific. We’re given a handful silhouettes that capture the imagination whilst catering to all of our underfoot needs, taking that extra step towards ensuring each style is as memorable as the last. So, what’re you waiting for?

Take a closer look at the AW22 offerings of close family member and brand of rife sporting heritage, Lacoste - introducing a collection that combines some signature accents with updated technologies.

Will you be lacing either T-Clip styles this winter?