DNA Deep-dive: How to style the New Balance 327

DNA Deep-dive: How to style the New Balance 327

During 2020’s first lockdown we were given a lot to think about, how would this new way of life affect our day to day? Would we ever seen an end to restrictions? When can I visit my TOWER family again?

However, amongst shrouds of uncertainty, New Balance launched a brand new silhouettes that boasted more heritage than you can wave a mask at.

Welcome, the New Balance 327.

Diving heel from tongue, you’re able to find elements of four archival silhouettes throughout the 327 at differing points of the design process - layering previously seen panel templates over one another to give an impression of recognisable newness.

Finally, you may be wondering how ‘327’ was born. In 1976, New Balance first launched their ’N’ logo with help from a certain 320, a silhouette that was soon heralded as a runner’s number one choice in footwear by Runner’s World magazine and blessed with the same asymmetric, wraparound outsole seen beneath its modern counterpart.

Now, how to style these little numbers? Well, let us tell you! There are a number of directions to take, depending on the colourway on-foot. If the colours are bright and undoubtably eye-catching, seek out some slim-fitting black trousers! Socks are a necessity, but we'll let you decide on length - this is minimalism at its finest. Navy blue tones and natural dye could combine nicely with ecru sock, perhaps plain white, and light-wash denim jeans. This combination may be a touch adventurous in your eyes, but believe us - it's a killer when pulled off correctly! This partnership goes without question, earthy tones just call out for charcoal or dark cargo pants! It's like cheese and pickle, bread and butter - the 327 is a rugged city-dweller, just like utilitarian cargo pant wearers. And last but not least, the lighter near-white tones. We suggest that you contrast socks with both trouser and 327, driving into a pastelle as opposed to primary colours per se, and a light pant to blend in with a colour used upon the silhouette. Magically classical.