PR(iD)E at TOWER: Meet Taali!

PR(iD)E at TOWER: Meet Taali!

As one of London’s fastest growing independent retailers with an HQ situated at the heart of London’s cultural hub, it is TOWER’s duty to not only support those thriving in our local community, but to create a platform for those driving positive change within their own communities.

TOWER gave a number of key players in London’s LGTBQ+ Creative Community the stage to shoot an editorial that captured exactly what it means to them to be Queer and Diverse within modern creative spaces - celebrating 50 years of PRIDE events across the UK.

Boss Lady, a.k.a. @BbyMilosWorld, orchestrated a team of five LGTBQ+ visionaries as complete creative license was plucked from TOWER’s reach and shared between the selected crew of photographers, designers, artists, poets and so on.

There should be no limits to creativity, so why stop at footwear?

Now, it's time for Taali to take the stage, a host, gogo dancer and queer fluid high femme co-founder of @Healthy_Filth catering.

Meet @taalinotcharlie (they/she) - a queer fluid high femme fairy! They are a host, gogo dancer, speaker, part of and one of the hosts at @queerhouseparty, co-leader of @dopeblackqueers and founder of black queer run catering company, @healthy_filth.
Taali keeps their politics central to everything they do, even campaigning for a wide range of issues whilst prancing around any stage in a thong proudly being a total slag.
I picked these (Dr. Martens Sinclair boot) because they are sturdy AF - something I need when I’m dancing and hosting on stage for hours, or when I’m on my feet cooking for my community.My style is a Camp, high femme, extravagant fairy covered in gems. Fashion is important to me because it feels like I’m making a political statement every time I step out as an overly queer high femme - it makes me feel empowered!