Getting Inside Out with IFUCARESHARE

Getting Inside Out with IFUCARESHARE

Every year, IFUCARESHARE hosts their Inside Out campaign to highlight the importance of voicing those thoughts we never share; a day dedicated to helping followers find their voice whilst bringing the inside… out!

It just so happens that this year’s campaign is taking place on 10th September, and to do our bit TOWER invited the IUCS family to join us for an Inside Out drive that does exactly what it says on the tin.

What is the Inside Out campaign?

Sporting a dose of self-styling to express themselves best, we asked the team to lace-up for an editorial of two parts; the first takes form exactly as you’d expect, whereas the second half flipped everything you previously knew upside down.

On 10th September, IUCS is encouraging you to wear a single item or entire outfit Inside Out and take a photo for Instagram, followed by the hashtags #AskMeWhy and #GoInsideOut2022. Whilst this may seem like a simple idea, it sparks conversation - creating a safe space for the topic of mental health and suicide.

Follow TOWER as we join IFUCARESHARE on this memorable day.


IFUCARESHARE's story began in 2005, following the loss of Daniel O'Hare at just 19 years old. Hoping to prevent another family from feeling the same grief, Daniel's brothers, Matthew and Ben, along with cousin Sarah made a plan.

They began selling wristbands at football games that carried the message "IF U CARE SHARE," going on to raise over £50,000 for mental health charities.

It wasn't until 2011 that IFUCARESHARE registered as a charity itself, driving three main goals: Prevention, Intervention and Support of those bereaved by suicide.