This Week’s Family Favourites – Vol. 43, Off The Wall

This Week’s Family Favourites – Vol. 43, Off The Wall

It’s that time of the week again – we're pulling out all the stops to bring you the most exciting footwear to hit TOWER’s digital shelves at some point over the last seven days. Now, we already know that many of you consider this as your first port of call for all things footwear, but, there’s a twist on today’s proceedings . Waffle-soles are all good and well, in fact, we’d say that they’re iconic – however, what sets each silhouette apart?

Fortunately, if there's one thing that TOWER does well it's separate the yes from the no, the ying from the yang... the Old Skools, from the Era and Sk8 Hi!

We’re putting our focus on one of our household favourites – VANS! Which pair is for you? Catch us below... 

  1. VANS VR3 Authentic

With VR3Cush underfoot, VANS’ updated Authentic is as good if not better than ever; to earn the VR3 globe logo a pair must be made up for at least 30% recycled, renewable or regenerative materials. So, this Authentic has biobased VR3CUSH underfoot, followed by a responsibly sourced natural VR3Waffle for extra zazz. 

  1. VANS Classic Checkerboard Slip On

A classic, reworked for the modern consumer. Green and white checkerboard goodness, what isn’t to love? Previously known as Style No.98, there’s no need for laces in 2023 – or way back when. 

  1. VANS Sk8 Hi

How low, I mean, Sk8 Hi can you go? This is the pair for here, there and everywhere in-between – they can be thrown down with suit trousers or sat comfortably alongside shorts. This is for you to decide, really. 

  1. VANS Era Vintage Floral

If there was a silhouette that got the whole world in a headlock at one point over the last decade, it would have to be the Era. We don’t need to tell you why, just know that we’re right. 

  1. VANS Cruze Too

Low-lying, padded and ready for action, the Staple Cruze Too adopts VANS' ComfyCush insole to help you walk on clouds.  

Co-moulded with foam and rubber to complete comfort in style, the Staple Cruze Too boasts an updated liner alongside even more arch support than your average.