Your Ultimate Summer Shoes Guide

Your Ultimate Summer Shoes Guide

When the sun starts to shine, we need our feet to be cool, comfortable, and of course, clearly fitted in TOWER style. This is why we have put together this guide to summer footwear. 

While more brands are stepping out of their niche silhouettes and expanding their collections with more sandals, clogs, and slip-ons than ever, how do you know which pair will see you through summer after summer? 

We all have different styles and needs when it comes to footwear. And when we’re in the sun, the heat plays a big part in our footwear choices. This guide will take you through the best summer shoes, giving you plenty of options for those summer days.

We’re about to break down the best summer shoes on the market. Let’s get started, the beer gardens and beaches are calling. 

The best summer shoes

The most appropriate footwear for summer will depend on a few key factors…

When choosing your summer kicks, ask yourself, are you looking for a pair of shoes to match a casual vibe, or something a little smarter? Or, perhaps, you’re looking for something comfortable for a glorious day of relaxation in the garden. 


Firstly, we can’t not talk about the beauty of a pair of Crocs on a hot summer’s day. Crocs have created footwear that blurs the lines between slippers and shoes. They’re as comfortable as slippers, but you can wear them out.

Classic Crocs

You can’t go wrong with the classic Croc. 

Croc-loving followers swear by them and it’s clear to see why. As you wear your Crocs more often, they’ll mould to the shape of your feet. Which massively adds to their comfort rating. Their signature holes allow air circulation, keeping your feet cool.

Crocs are ideal for holiday wear, housework, and in the garden. We don’t recommend wearing Crocs on long walks or running. Think of them as your chilled summer shoes.

classic croc

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The best summer trainers

As trends continue to evolve and embrace athleisure, trainers have quickly become versatile shoes that can easily be paired with a casual day-to-day fit or a polished look. 

Trainers often feature supporting insoles which give comfort and stability, lowering the likelihood of discomfort in the heat. Wearing trainers in the summer is a stylish and practical decision for those looking for comfort while remaining on-trend.

New Balance

We’re serious when we say New Balance has taken summer by storm. New Balance trainers are perfect for those seeking a unique trainer with a blend of modern and retro elements. Versatile and comfortable, New Balance trainers will be your go-to casual summer footwear. 


New Balance’s 327 model is one of their best-selling silhouettes. Because of their breathable fabrics and lightweight construction, the 327s are ideal for wearing in hot weather. Despite not being created with running in mind, their good grip and casual appearance make them a great option for all-day wear. Ideal for men and women, New Balance bridges the gap between athleisure and casual summer style.


Shop New Balance 327 or the New Balance Collection


Veja’s popularity has significantly increased due to their commitment to sustainability, impressive endorsements, and classic style. If you’re looking for a pair of trainers that’ll last summer after summer, you should feel drawn to Veja's. They’re made to last for years.

Veja’s are particularly popular with women; Emma Watson, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton included. But what model will be your match for this summer? We can’t get enough of the Veja Impala silhouette. 

Veja Impala 

Veja’s first-ever workout trainer. The Impala model’s lightweight design makes them comfortable for warmer weather. They’re designed with a combination of suede and an engineered mesh upper with TPU inserts, which give ultimate breathable support. This breathable technology is a huge help if you’re into working out in the heat. 

Be in the know: Veja recommends you go a size above your normal size if you plan on kicking it in a pair of Impalas this summer.

Veja Impala

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Best summer sandals

The perfect summer footwear, sandals. They’re often the go-to choice for warm-weather months and for good reason. Our favourite brand’s sandals will help keep your feet cool, provide support, and they’re timeless. 

Investing in a well-made pair of sandals is a game-changer. They’ll last you years and mould to the shape of your feet. Total comfort, summer after summer.

Let’s explore the best sandals for this summer:

Dr. Martens’ Ayce 

Like we needed more of a reason to talk about DM’s bouncing soles and impeccable design? Seriously, summer vibes and Dr. Martens work. The Ayce silhouettes open-toe sandal is spot on for long summer days out in town, taking on holiday, and summer BBQs in the garden. The Ayce material is a milled coated leather and breathable mesh. 

Ayce DM

Shop the Dr. Martens Ayce sandal

Birkenstock’s Arizona

Looking current, and following trends is great. However, if you’re looking for a pair of sandals that will stay with you, summer after summer and never go out of style, this is the part you’ve come for. 

The Arizona collection from Birkenstock is the pair for you. Ideal for strolls along the beach and chilled days in town. The Arizona is one of Birkenstock’s most popular summer footwear. One of the many reasons the Arizona is so loved during those warmer months is its two-strap top and the open toe. 

Birkenstock Arizona

Shop the classic Birkenstock Arizona sandal

Find your next pair of summer shoes

Fancy shopping for your new summer trainers? You can’t go wrong with a classic sneaker. Browse the New Balance and Veja collections for streetwear style. Or if you’ve been more struck by the sandals discussed in this guide, check out Dr. Martens and Birkenstock collections. 

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You may know this, but we’re a family-run brand that puts expression and individuality at the heart of our business. Embrace your individuality this summer and find your new faves with us at TOWER. 

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